Friday, 22 June 2012

Yeti vs. Not Yeti.

Geez, being a girl is tiring.
Seriously? Whoever thought girls were sexier for shaving their legs was an asshole. And all the other rituals we go through (to not get called Yetis) is totally lame. I'd rather be a Yeti, cuz then if I saw a human, I'd be all 'Ew, look how not hairy that thing is!'

And also, if I were a Yeti, I'd definitely have a pet marmot called Larry (or Larrina if it was a girl), and it would go around stealing people's razors so that all the people in a 5 mile radius would be just as hairy as me and then no one would tease me for being a Yeti and I wouldn't tease them for being shaved and gorgeous.

I'd live in a tree house and it would be awesome and huge, to accommodate all my Yeti needs. I'd have a huge walk-in shower/waterfall room full of amazing expensive shampoos, a humongous walk-in blow-dryer and all the anti-frizz products that I could wish for. Cuz living in the forest gives you major frizz. Expecially on the crown area of your head.

The only downside of being a Yeti? The shampoo bills. So yeah, in retrospect, it's cheaper being a shaven maven.


  1. I went through a stage of not shaving my legs. It was pretty short. And actually not pretty.

  2. I believe the shaving of women's legs became popular in war era (2nd world I think) because women could no longer get stockings to cover their unsightly yeti legs they started shaving the hair off them to give the illusion that they still had stockings on - some women even drew the lines down the backs of their legs because the style of stockings at the time were seems down the back (still can find these and they are damn sexy). So shaved legs = legs covered in stockings.

    I am a freakin' encyclopedia of random.

    1. You are, indeed! I had heard about the drawing on of stocking stitches, too! If I had done it they would NOT have been straight.