Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Ok. So we all have that one friend, don't we? That friend who, whenever you see them, makes you laugh til you cry? I've got a few of those, which is one reason life is so good.

So my friend, H, is one of these individuals. She knows me inside-out, it would seem. The creep. She reduces me to tears of all varieties. At least 5 days a week. Often more.

She comes out with the BEST questions. And, more importantly, she's totally unashamed of these queries. I love her. One day I'll find a pocket that she can live in so I can carry her around with me all the fucking time. But enough fawning.

One drunken Saturday night/Sunday morning, after living it up at our favourite haunt, we went to McDonald's. It was in time for breakfast, for fuck's sake. That's the kind of late night it was.

So we park up and start munching (the guy who drove us was stone-cold sober, so don't get all preachy-weachy. No drunk drivers here).

H: Guys. I have a question that's been bugging me all fucking night. People keep mentioning this person in jokes, and I've got no idea who the fuck he is.

Us: Go on...

H: Who the FUCK is Gandhi?

Us: Pardon?

H: Yeah, I tried to Google him, but couldn't find shit-all about him. Who is he?

Us: How did you spell his name?

H: G-A-Y-N-D-E-Y

Us: (holding back laughter, poorly)


Us: Why don't you tell us who YOU think he is?

H: Is he the president of Egypt?

Us: No. He's from India.

H: Isn't that near Egypt?

Us: Nope.

H: Is he a film director or something?

Us: No, but there's a biopic of him, honey.

H: What the fuck is a 'biopic'??

Us: A film about him.

H: Oh. So is he Arabian then?

Us: No, again, he was Indian.

H: Is he dead or something?

Us: Yeah.


Us: Google it tomorrow, sweetie.

H: Ok. Did he wear flip-flops? I bet he was cute.

Us: *uncontrollable laughter*

Just a snippet of life when H is involved. She asks these questions completely innocently.

It's fucking admirable. A lot of us take the knowledge that we've had ingrained in our minds for granted, so for her to question these things, well. I think we all need to be more like H.

Thank you for making life more enjoyable.